Politica di adesione

Minimum age 21 years

Training and further education

Academic path:
• Bachelor of Science in Sports and Movement Sciences or Physiotherapy

Career path (alternative requirements):
• Training in a movement profession:
– Fitness instructor with Swiss Federal Certificate Professional certificate;
– Specialist, specialist or expert in physical activity and health promotion with Swiss Federal Certificate. Certificate of Proficiency
– Dipl. Bewegungspädagogin HF / Dipl. Bewegungspädagoge HF

• 250 hours (31 days) of training with face-to-face instruction in the movement and health sector at one or more training institutions recognised by the SPTV (proof by diploma). Per verifiable year as a self-employed or employed Personnel Trainer, 30 hours can be credited, provided that the workload during this time was at least 50%. This must be proven by means of AHV/IV registration/certificate or employment certificate from the fitness centre.

Calculation example
– Fitness basic training 7 days 56 hours
– 2x training workshop each 2 days 32 hours
– Nutrition trainer training 5 days 40 hours
– Professional experience 2 years 60 hours
TOTAL eligible hours 188 hours

With the application for membership, the following documents and certificates must be submitted to the board of the association in addition to those already mentioned:

Self-employed Personal Trainer
• CURRICULUM VITAE with photo;
• Business card;
• Website, should be available if possible;
• Personal Trainer – customer contract;
• Terms and Conditions;
• anamnesis sheet;
• accident insurance;
• Proof of liability insurance with a sum insured of at least CHF 3 million;
• AHV/IV registration;
• Proof that a BLS/AED course or BLS/AED refresher has been completed in the last two years.

Employee Personal Trainer
• CURRICULUM VITAE with photo;
• Business card;
• Medical history sheet of the fitness center;
• Personal Trainer – customer contract incl. Terms and Conditions;
• Proof that a BLS/AED course or BLS/AED refresher has been completed in the last two years.

Social competence
Empathy, honesty, flexibility, seriousness, discretion, good manners, a healthy attitude to life and a positive charisma.

At least 1 year of demonstrable professional experience of at least 50% on average as a fitness, group fitness or personal trainer

In the case of equivalent training abroad or in case of doubt, the board decides on admission as a member of the association.

IMPORTANT: In the case of a request for certification, all documents must be submitted by e-mail as a PDF file to Only after the payment of the membership fee, the dossier is examined and approved by the board.


In order to maintain membership it is necessary to attend at least 16 hours (two days) of continuing education in a job-relevant domain annually. The SPTV will contact the trainers in written form four weeks before the membership runs out, and proof is to be sent in before the expiration date.