Personal Training or Personal Fitness Training in Switzerland is neither a recognized profession, nor is this service subject to quality standards that are transparent to clients.

As a result, the following has occurred:
  • Confusion as to what exactly a personal trainer is and what services they provide
  • Major differences in the quality of the services provided based on varying educational levels (anyone in Switzerland can offer personal training lessons)
  • Major differences in client fees

The Swiss Personal Trainer Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 according to Art. 60ff ZGB, which is an article for the quality and support of personal training in Switzerland.

Its purpose is to provide quality assurance with a seal of approval in order to create transparency in Switzerland’s personal trainer market. It seeks targeted cooperation with health insurance companies, partner companies and fitness centers, as well as promoting and supporting personal trainers in Switzerland. Furthermore we represent the common interests of our registered trainers with the outside world.

The goals of the SPTV are:
  1. Quality assurance: positioning personal training as a recognized profession in Switzerland by establishing a quality label for personal trainers, thus ensuring transparency for the client
  2. Knowledge platform: promotion and support of personal trainers and fitness centers which are affiliated with the association.
  3. Promotion of personal training in Switzerland: representation of personal trainers to other organizations in the market and economy by targeted cooperation with fitness centers, health insurance companies and the umbrella organization OdA Exercise and Health (goal: personal trainer as a recognized title in the field of exercise professionals)