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Mitgliedschaften Aktives Mitglied / Personal Trainer: Ein aktives Mitglied geniesst alle vom SPTV erbrachten Leistungen für aktive Mitglieder. Die Mitgliedschaft kostet CHF 250.- pro Jahr. Sollte eine solche Mitglieschaft in Erwägung gezogen werden, wenden Sie sich bitte an: info@sptv.ch Weiter zu den Aufnahmekriterien für aktive Mitglieder: Voraussetzungen Passivmitglied / Personal Trainer: Dies sind ehemalige Aktivmitglieder, die aus diversen Gründen (Schwangerschaft, Krankheit, Auslandaufenthalt usw.) nicht aktiv sein können. Die Mitgliedschaft kostet CHF 150.- pro Jahr. Sollte eine solche Mitglieschaft in Erwägung gezogen werden, wenden Sie sich bitte an info@sptv.ch Partnerschaften: Unsere Partner sind Firmen die normalerweise in der Fitnessindustrie Zuhause sind. Sie werden


Requirements Directive Politica di adesione Minimum age 21 years Training and further education Academic path: • Bachelor of Science in Sports and Movement Sciences or Physiotherapy Career path (alternative requirements): • Training in a movement profession: – Fitness instructor with Swiss Federal Certificate Professional certificate; – Specialist, specialist or expert in physical activity and health promotion with Swiss Federal Certificate. Certificate of Proficiency – Dipl. Bewegungspädagogin HF / Dipl. Bewegungspädagoge HF • 250 hours (31 days) of training with face-to-face instruction in the movement and health sector at one or more training institutions recognised by the SPTV (proof by diploma).

What Distinguishes a Personal Trainer

What Distinguishes a Personal Trainer: Professional personal trainers are exercise specialists who approach their clients as they are and respond appropriately to their needs. Together they define goals and create customized training plans. Personal trainers guide, motivate and support their clients during their sessions in order to reach personalized fitness goals. Whether the customized training sessions take place outdoors, in a fitness center, at the office or at home, the personal trainer makes sure that their clients train in a healthy, effective and motivated manner. The quality requirements for effective personal training are high. In order to fulfil these, the


Organization Personal Training or Personal Fitness Training in Switzerland is neither a recognized profession, nor is this service subject to quality standards that are transparent to clients. As a result, the following has occurred: Confusion as to what exactly a personal trainer is and what services they provide Major differences in the quality of the services provided based on varying educational levels (anyone in Switzerland can offer personal training lessons) Major differences in client fees Organization: The Swiss Personal Trainer Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 according to Art. 60ff ZGB, which is an article for the quality

Seal of Quality

Seal of Quality The Swiss Personal Trainer Association has dedicated itself since 2007 to the recognition of the profession of the personal trainer. Uniform quality standards and transparency are important concerns. This is because anyone can call themselves a “personal trainer”, however not everyone has the appropriate in-depth education. Aus diesem Grund erhalten dem Verband angeschlossenen Personal Trainer ein Label: das „SPTV Qualitätssiegel“. Es steht für hohe Qualität und weist nach, dass die Personal Trainer des SPTV geprüft wurden und professionell arbeiten. Personal Trainer mit dem SPTV Label (rechtlich geschützt) können das Siegel des SPTV für Kommunikationsmittel (Website, Flyers, Visitenkarten

How to Become a Member

How to Become a Member The association’s goals: Promotion of professional competence and quality assurance Representation in professional issues Internal information about professional developments Create networking opportunities Create a professional job description Services: Various kinds of memberships Cooperation with professional policy offices and authorities Access to the educational and technical forum Support with education and job planning Access to partner networks Member advantages: Simplified registration as a personal trainer with QualiCert (leads to the Qualitop recognition by the health insurance companies) Discounts with partner networks for equipment, continuing education, liability insurance, etc. The invitation to and voting rights at the