Swiss Personal Trainer Association

The official Swiss Personal Trainer Association (SPTV) can help you to find a professional personal trainer in your area who will support you with your individual health, fitness, and performance goals.

  • Do you want to lose a few kilos, or increase muscle mass?
  • Is your goal to make your back strong and pain-free?
  • Or maybe you’re ready to get into really good shape and are looking for a professional who will stand by your side, helping you to reach your best performance ever?

Whether you are an individual, a company, or a journalist: in the Trainer section you will find a competent contact person whose quality is guaranteed.

What does the SPTV do and what is the seal of quality?

In Switzerland the term “Personal Trainer” is neither protected by law nor is the profession bound by uniform standards. This has resulted in grave differences in trainer quality which however often remain undetected by the layperson.

The SPTV has tackled this problem since 2007 by working on the positioning of the occupational category of the personal trainer in Switzerland. For this reason the association has introduced a seal of quality for personal trainers which is aimed at helping people searching for a professional personal trainer to be able to recognize one at a glance.

Are you a personal trainer yourself and interested in becoming an SPTV member? Please click here for the admission critieria.



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Jana Sollberger

Basel-Land, Basel-Stadt

Ausdauer, Body-Combat, Boxen, Ernährungsberatung, Fettverbrennung, Fitness, Herz-Kreislauf Training, Jogging, Krafttraining, Rückentraining, Stretching, Trainingsberatung

Arne Ramholt


Ausdauer, Fettverbrennung, Fitness, Gymnastik, Herz-Kreislauf Training, Krafttraining, Mentaltraining, Rehabilitation, Rückentraining, Stretching, Trainingsberatung

Anne-France Kapp


Ausdauer, Ernährungsberatung, Fettverbrennung, Fitness, Herz-Kreislauf Training, Krafttraining, Rehabilitation, Rückentraining, Schwangerschaftsgymnastik, Testing, Trainingsberatung

Patricia Leuenberger


Beckenbodentraining, Ernährungsberatung, Fitness, Herz-Kreislauf Training, Krafttraining, Massage, Mentaltraining, Rehabilitation, Rückentraining, Stressmanagement, Testing, Trainingsberatung

Markus Portmann

Aargau, Basel-Land, Basel-Stadt, Bern, Solothurn

Ausdauer, Beckenbodentraining, Boxen, Ernährungsberatung, Fettverbrennung, Fitness, Golf, Gymnastik, Herz-Kreislauf Training, Jogging, Krafttraining, Mentaltraining, Rehabilitation, Rückentraining, Schwangerschaftsgymnastik, Seniorenturnen, Stressmanagement, Stretching, Testing, Trainingsberatung, (Nordic-) Walking

Sibylle Hausherr

Aargau, Basel-Land, Zug, Zürich

Ausdauer, Beckenbodentraining, BodyArt, Ernährungsberatung, Fettverbrennung, Fitness, Gymnastik, Herz-Kreislauf Training, Jogging, Krafttraining, Pilates, Rehabilitation, Rückentraining, Seniorenturnen, Stressmanagement, Stretching, Trainingsberatung, (Nordic-) Walking, Yoga


Where Can I Find the Right Personal Trainer for Me?

There are of course personal trainers in large cities, but also lots of them in rural areas. Some trainers offer workouts in health and fitness clubs, while others come to your home or go outside with you for your workouts. The search function of our website allows you to choose any parameter to meet your needs.

When using this function, first choose the area where you want to have your sessions. Then choose your exercise priorities and the services that are available. We suggest going with your gut feeling when sorting through the trainers, and spend some time looking at the portrait that resonates the most with you. Keep in mind that you will be spending quite a lot of time with your personal trainer and that things needs to “click” between the two of you. Certainly another important point to consider is the cost.

You can search our database using three different selection criteria:

  1. Place, name, business name
  2. Services available
  3. The area or canton in which the personal trainer operates.


You can find all of our registered trainers in the menu under Trainers.

You can also take a look at this section: “What Distinguishes a Personal Trainer